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The Museum of Loss and Renewal’s Group Residency programme PLACE, PEOPLE AND TIME is situated in Collemacchia, in the region of Molise, Italy. The AIR, SEA AND SOIL Group Residency programme takes place in Scotland’s Orkney Islands.

The Group Residencies offer up to nine participants a supportive, discursive environment for practice and research, exchange and co-learning.

Each Group Residency is devised by The Museum of Loss and Renewal, often in partnership with an organisation or person of international repute, and is individually designed to stimulate new ways of thinking and experimentation through production, research, co-learning and presentation.

Group Residencies are based around particular themes. They offer participants a supportive, discursive environment for practice and research, exchange and co-learning through immersive on-site research, individual work and multidisciplinary group collaboration. Residents become part of a multi-skilled, international peer-group.

Providing a partially-structured and hands-on programme, Group Residencies enable residents to develop their skills and knowledge within the framework of the residency’s theme.

Through practice-based thinking and doing the Group Residency programmes help residents develop tools, methods and strategies to enrich their work and (re)consider how best to make it public. They are a focussed support structure that fosters multidisciplinary work and provides focused critical feedback.

The Group Residency programmes make place for individual and collaborative doing and learning, while providing space and time for the knowledge generated to act as a catalyst in residents’ practices. This helps to form and affect the range of disciplinary fields that our residents inhabit and work across.

The Group Residency programmes are also designed to build ideas and develop practices through conviviality. By bringing together diverse groups of people who embody different approaches, The Museum of Loss and Renewal is committed to the belief that a range of backgrounds, life experiences and voices enriches the learning experience and the conversations that take place.

We believe in the power of bringing people together, and that remarkable things happen during a Group Residency in Collemacchia, Italy and in Scotland’s Orkney Islands, contributing to the understanding and identity of these special places, and to the wider world that they inhabit.

Proposals are welcomed from groups and organisations who would like The Museum of Loss and Renewal to devise a tailored residency programme, to focus on specific areas of practice and research. For example, The Museum of Loss and Renewal devised PLACE, PEOPLE AND TIME: DIG and DECLARE!, a week-long in-situ programme, in response to a request from a group of artists, curators and producers from Scotland in 2022.


PLACE, PEOPLE AND TIME is The Museum of Loss and Renewal’s Group Residency programme that takes place in the village of Collemacchia, in Italy’s Molise region. The village has been home to Tracy Mackenna’s Italian family for centuries.

Each Group Residency takes place in the contemporary parish of Filignano, amidst the historical remains of Samnite and Roman settlements. The community is situated in the outstanding National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, accessible by foot and minibus.

Thurs 24 Oct – Thurs 31 Oct 2024

Fri 21 June – Fri 28 June 2024
Application Deadline has passed


Residents are accommodated in two comfortable houses situated a couple of minutes walk from each other. Houses have fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms, sitting rooms, and double, twin and single bedrooms (single use bedrooms can be allocated dependent on availability). Central heating and internet throughout.


Studio spaces are located in buildings that are situated a couple of minutes walk from each other, and in/from accommodation. They are recently renovated and are equipped with multiple tables, chairs, lamps, running water and internet throughout.

Small hand and power tools are available. Residents should bring their own specialist machinery or equipment. Residents are responsible for their material supplies. The curators The Museum of Loss and Renewal offer advice regarding delivery.

The Museum of Loss and Renewal has an excellent library with a focus on: art, design, architecture, curating, collecting, (art)writing, publishing, walking, literature …

Ample outdoor space is available around the buildings and in the village. The extensive network of ancient footpaths that connects villages and runs through the Apennine mountains starts at the residency accommodation and studios.